Where to order Super Bowl eats from St. Louis restaurants

Whether you are watching alone or in your bladder, there has never been a better year to indulge yourself with the best food and drinks in our region. The usual suspects are all on the board (Three Kings Pub, Joey B’s, The Post Sports Bar & Grill, Westport Social, etc.), and here are some additional options you may not have considered.

Wings and chicken

Jerk soul

If your previous experience with Jerk Chicken has included just a pinch of spice mix on some wings, Jerk Soul will blow your socks off. Marinated, grated dry, smoked and grilled, the wings of this Caribbean Jerk Soul give you a real taste of the Caribbean. 3108 Cherokee, 314-601-3871.

Kimchi guys

Why not have a deliciously crispy Korean fried chicken instead of normal wings? Kimchi Guys’ double-roasted bird makes you wonder why you eat other types, especially if ordered with honey butter dipped in it. 612 N. 2nd, 314-766-4456.

About Wing Plus

This humble place across the country has served some of the best wings in the city for years. Known for a wide variety of styles, the must-have is the original, a wonderfully tacky Korean-inspired version that can be served with traditional wings or stripes. 10094 Page, 314-395-0180.

Pappy’s smokehouse

While it’s difficult to order anything other than these wonderful ribs, Pappys and sister restaurant Bogart’s Smokehouse make a good case for their smokehouse wings, which will satisfy your crickets and wings cravings in one delicious snack. 3106 olive, 314-535-4340.

Russos Gourmet Express

If you can’t decide which flavor wings to order, order them all. Russo’s Wing Flight Sampler contains a dozen each of Buffalo, Bourbon Glazed, Honey BBQ, Roasted Garlic and Herbs, and Trashed, and includes standard equipment for dipping sauce. 9904 Page, 314-427-4955.

Wing Ding Dong

Wing Ding Dong’s signature smoked wings are a ghost cuisine from the Baileys dining group and a smoky, hearty treat. Don’t forget to grab a box of tots and a pitcher of lemonade. 920 olive, 314-214-8121.

Wing runner

David and Meggan Sandusky’s ghost kitchen gets the couple’s frenzy going for a barbecue. Order the usual buffalo-style suspects or try flavors like caramel fish sauce and char sui. And don’t miss the smoked cauliflower wings – they’re so delicious they can transform even the most dedicated meat eater. 4158 Manchester, 314-944-6003.

The wooden hut

Soulard’s quintessential sandwich shop is also known for some mighty, finely smoked wings. Order them with a side of velvety mac and cheese – or a side of smoked roasted ribeye. 1862 p. 10th, 314-833-4770.


BEAST Butcher & Block

In addition to BEAST’s first-class grill, the Grove location serves everything from steak skewers to buffalo chicken dip and half a pan of nachos. And make sure you add some Red Hot Riplets brats. 4156 Manchester, 314-944-6003.

Devour the smokehouse

This Creve Coeur smokehouse is hands down the place for smoked turkey ribs. Marinated, seasoned, smoked and grilled, these juicy beauties are amazing in themselves or glazed in the restaurant’s typical mustard barbecue sauce. 1227 Castillon Arcade Plaza, 314-878-5586.

Original J’s

The wonderful Tex-Mex spot by restaurateur Mike Randolph serves everything from carnitas nachos to spare ribs. As a result, it can be difficult to decide which one to order. When you have to choose, grab the smoked wings, seasoned with magical rubs and doused with beef suet. 7359 Forsyth, 314-202-8335.

Sugarfire Smoke House

The disrespectful smokehouse has The Sweep, a nacho or taco bar with chicken, bulgolgi beef, and ingredients – enough of a smorgasbord on its own, but you should order ruffled ribs Rangoon too. 9200 Olive, 314-942-2428.

The stellar pig

Although Alex Cupp’s South City location has been closed indefinitely, the new Chesterfield location is ready for game day. Its excellent grill is one of the best in town, not least the ribs with brisket and beef. So luscious that you can spread them with them on your bread, the ribs are a must have too. 40 Clarkson Wilson Center, 636-778-9204.


Anthoninos tavern

The popular neighborhood restaurant offers frozen pizzas as well as party packs with its famous roasted ravioli and trays of lasagna. It’s the best choice for a taste of The Hill at home. 2225 Macklind, 314-773-4455.

Elm wood

Originally thought of as an upscale neighborhood restaurant, the Maplewood Restaurant has reinvented itself during the pandemic. That this is an excellent take-away pizzeria, with a signature pepperoni pizza that will blow your mind, is one of the few silver linings of this challenging time. 2704 Sutton, 314-261-4708.

Katie’s Pizza Pasta Osteria

One of the best spots for gourmet pizza in St. Louis, Katie serves classics like Margherita and Quattro Formaggio, or you can opt for something different like creamy kale or ham and pear. Multiple locations, 314-942-6555.

Nick & Elena

Many say this quintessential North County pizza place serves the best St. Louis-style pizza in town. Take one and see for yourself – but don’t forget the arancini, which, along with pizza, is the restaurant’s trademark. 3007 Woodson, 314-427-6566.

O + O pizza

A mix of Neapolitan and New Haven styles, the cakes at this pizzeria in Webster Groves feel both familiar and upscale. Try the classic hot peppers or opt for a little more seasoning with the sausage, ricotta and giardiniera versions. 102 W. Lockwood, 314-721-5422.


While you can’t go wrong with any of the standard offerings, Pastaria is getting ready for the big game with a jalapeño popper pizza, a heavenly Super Bowl match. 7734 Forsyth, 314-862-6603.


Al-Tarboush Deli

Although it’s not open on Sundays, it’s worth picking up the wraps from this long-time favorite from the university town in advance. The Lebanese delicatessen is known for its chicken kebab and falafel. In any case, ask for additional garlic sauce. 602 Westgate, 314-724-1944.


A party-sized Amighetti’s special from the iconic Italian sandwich shop is a guaranteed way to make sure you are a winner no matter which team is ahead. 9631 Manchester, 314-962-6030.


We admit it … they had us at Brezel Baguette. Companion makes a 16-inch super sub sandwich (on a pretzel or French baguette) with turkey, ham, roast beef, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, red onion, its famous sauce, and even pairs it with a quart of chili. Or order the pretzel baguette au naturel together with a tub of homemade beer cheese for dipping in and dipping in. 9781 Clayton, 314-218-2280.

The gramophone

St. Louis’ favorite late night sandwich spot is pulling out all the stops for the big game. Grab boxes of some of his favorite favorites like the Mississippi Nights Club, the Danimal, or the Alcatraz, as well as a pan of mac ‘n’ cheese and some meatballs. 4243 Manchester, 314-531-5700.

Mom’s Deli

The only thing better than a mom’s special from this iconic South City deli is a mom’s special that’s three feet long. Even if the party is tiny this year, Super Bowl Sunday is still a great excuse to indulge in an oversized version of your favorite sandwich. 4412 Jamieson, 314-644-1198.

The best of the rest

The art of entertainment

The Webster Groves Staple has put together a tailgate menu that has everything you need to make your Super Bowl special. Buffalo chicken dip, cheese dip, chili and sandwich trays are also available, as are plates with dessert bar canapes. After all, your sweet tooth needs some love too. 8796 Big Bend, 314-314-963-9899.

Brasserie by Niche

Gastronomer Gerard Craft’s typical French restaurant might be what you imagine a date to be, but his team has put together the perfect menu for the day of the game. The restaurant offers French fried chicken wings, buffalo fried chicken with fries, poutine and monster biscuit cream cakes to add a blend of comfort and elegance to the festivities. 4580 Laclede, 314-454-0600.

Crawling crab

The buttery seafood plates from this pagedale restaurant are so overly indulgent you might fall asleep before half-time – but it will be a blissful sleep as you drift into dreams of crab, shrimp, potatoes, sausage and corn, and lobster. It’s a festival for Poseidon. 6730 Page, 314-328-3421.

Grace Meat + Three

Why order just one when you can have a platter of the best that popular Grove restaurant has to offer? The restaurant’s Super Bowl package is a delicious mix of ribs, garlic buffalo wings, and allspice cheese. 4270 Manchester, 314-533-2700.

The guanaco

If you want to add some Central American flair to your Super Bowl Sunday, the new Taqueria and Pupuseria serve up some standout Honduran and Salvadoran pupusas and empanadas. These delicious fried bags are filled with chicharrons, beans or cheese and are perfect for the big game. 10633 Page, 314-473-1027.

Mission Taco Joint

Bring the Mission Taco Joint experience home with the Taco Party Kit, which includes two proteins, freshly made tortillas, all the ingredients, chips, queso, guacamole and of course a jug of margaritas. And you can raise one with owners Jason and Adam Tilford, who are helping bring take-away cocktails to St. Louis during the pandemic. Several locations.

Pastaria Deli & Wine

The delicious, Italian-inspired deli offers risotto balls, a selection of take-and-bake dips, and excellent Detroit-style pizza. The rectangular cake is delivered in the Nduja Salumi or Margherita style. In any case, it is a pleasure that you should treat yourself to. 7734-2 Forsyth, 314-773-7755.

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