Woman sentenced to 5 years for fatal silicone butt injection

The Fox files are groundbreaking investigations that you won’t see anywhere else. The series is known for breaking the Pam Hupp story on a national level. The reports that led to the discharge of Russ Faria. However, it is by no means the only time our investigations have resulted in reversed convictions and freedom for those wrongly accused. The Fox Files research doesn’t fit into one category, apart from the fact that our reports shed light on problems and corruption in ways you won’t see anywhere else.

You won’t know what to expect as our reports often take turns that take even Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes by surprise.

“You never know where the truth is going to go and you have to keep looking even if you think you’re done,” said Hayes.

From the arrest for attempting to cover a public meeting to the involvement of law enforcement in his report on a daycare fight club, the Fox Files have been at the forefront of the investigation into breaking news in the St. Louis area.

It doesn’t just stop in St. Louis. The story of Pam Hupp / Russ Faria took him to Lincoln County. Fox 2 was the first to cover the synthetic drug epidemic nationwide when it began in St. Charles County, MO. In St. Louis County, our Fox Files reports resulted in the downsizing of several police departments, including the Uplands Park and Jennings departments. And in the city of St. Louis, our investigation prompted swift government action, such as our report that led to the governor closing a daycare center.

Our coverage in St. Louis also led to the exclusive Fox Files interviews of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, in which he fought in court to overthrow the attorney general while trying to prove that political corruption led to an illegal subversion led to a state election.

“It’s not always bad news,” said Hayes of a recent win for a restaurant in his coverage of a problem in St. Clair County, Illinois. A report by Fox Files exposing a health department’s flaw regarding the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the overturning of a decision that allowed the company to open up to limited indoor dining options.

Another investigation took us to Madison County, where prosecutors praised Fox 2’s coverage while it was closing an illegal synthetic drug deal, and to Monroe County, where we uncovered important evidence in the Chris Coleman murder trial.

Even the national media continues to turn to local subsidiary Fox 2 KTVI and the Fox Files to work on cases that matter to St. Louis. Often times, when you watch network television coverage of St. Louis, you will find that they have gathered information that was first revealed here.

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