Yes, St. Louis, You Can Ignore that Tornado Alert that Happened Today

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All over St. Louis this morning, people blinked at the sky in a collective “WTF” when a tornado alarm lit local phones.

It was a bright, sunny, clear blue day so this warning only created confusion and was followed by many posts on social media expressing concern. Was a twister just over the next hill? Shall we go to the basement? And if the storm was so close, why do all birds and pets still seem to be behaving normally?

Here in the Midwest we’re used to wild weather and conditions changing in an instant, but we looked up at the sky and most of us knew the warning had to be a mistake.

Everything looked fine outside and today isn’t even the first Monday of the month (the day sirens are tested) so the majority of us shrugged and started on our day. Our instincts told us that this warning was completely wrong – and we were right.

The US Weather Service in St. Louis apologized about an hour ago and said the warning was an accident.

Good morning people! There was a lot of confusion this morning with our test of the tornado warning system when …

Posted by US National Weather Service Saint Louis Missouri on Tuesday March 2nd, 2021

Or to paraphrase the National Weather Service: “Ope! My bad!”

It’s cool NWS, we forgive you. Everyone messes it up at times and we know you always do your best to protect us. Most of us are just happy to know that the system works when it is intentionally activated.

The old farmer’s almanac predicts a stormy spring season. Perhaps we should all take the advice of the NWS and review our storm security procedures. (And buy new rain boots.)

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