You Paid For It: Examining possible drawbacks of mass vaccination events

ST. LOUIS – Affinia Healthcare is focused on delivering vaccines to underserved communities in northern St. Louis City and Counties and some areas in southern St. Louis.

Dr. Affinia senior vice president Kendra Holmes says mass vaccination events have their good and bad sides when it comes to reaching the unvaccinated members of minority communities.

She says many of them are important workers who do not have transportation or face other obstacles and therefore avoid the mass vaccination site, which they cannot get either.

Those hosting these events have made some changes since they rolled out. 3,000 people were expected at such an event, but only 700 attended. The numbers have gotten better since then.

Holmes says the mass vaccinations are good in that they get the vaccines to more people. However, she emphasizes the need to meet people where they are in the Church and elsewhere in her ward.

Holmes says more attention should be paid to getting the vaccines to the minorities at the outset, as their death rates from COVID were often three times higher than other groups.

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